maidbot revolutionizes the commercial cleaning industry by leaving dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks to autonomous solutions, allowing humans to focus on more meaningful and enjoyable work.


more than a vacuum

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Omni-directional Movement

Rosie is equipped with omni-wheels which allow her to move in any direction and avoid getting stuck.

Lidar Object Detection

Like self-driving cars, Rosie utilizes Lidar technology to map out spaces and navigate her way around stationary and dynamic obstacles.

Data Collection

Rosie collects invaluable data while she cleans, empowering hospitality and commercial cleaning management to better understand associate and guest behavior.

Vacuuming Power

Using unique custom technology, Rosie can vacuum with greater power than a standard upright commercial vacuum cleaner.

Maidbot benefits

Labor Pool

Commercial cleaning positions can be very difficult to fill. Rosie helps fill the gap by improving efficiencies in daily operations while improving associate retention.

Variable Cost

Housekeeping is the highest variable cost in commercial real estate. Rosie helps decrease costs while improving quality.

Employee Health

Room attendants have the highest injury rates in the service sector. Rosie takes strenuous tasks out of the hands of people.


Current commercial cleaning practices are inconsistent. Rosie provides consistency and stability to cleaning procedures.

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