Maidbot is leading the way as a pioneer in revolutionizing commercial cleaning by leveraging the power of robotics and innovative automated solutions. This all starts with Rosie: an industrial housekeeping robot for commercial cleaning, which handles the dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks.

With rising market demand and Maidbot’s first-mover status, we have partnered with several of the largest hospitality & commercial cleaning companies. Beginning in Austin, we’ve expanded into markets such as Houston, Dallas and Denver.

After launching successful deployments with multiple hospitality companies where dozens of our robots work alongside hotel staff, we are developing new features and enhancing our current software, which ranges from a customer-facing web application to state-of-the-art electronics. In our Austin office you’ll find 3D printers, laser cutters, dogs, and an ever-growing army of robots.

maidbot careers

Do you want to pioneer the robotics revolution in the largest industry in the world? Maidbot is hiring to expand its already diverse team of engineers and business roles.

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